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Fits most Cessna Models
120, 140, 150, 152, 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 190, 195, 205, 206, 207, 210 thru F, and 305's.

*Float Aircraft - Please call us to order, your aircraft requires a variation that is a special order.

How it Works
Ventube™ is a plastic unit consisting of an exterior tube and a lockable interior tube with a cap. Just turn the interior tube cap clockwise which pulls the cap against an O-ring seal to close the vent. Airflow control is accomplished by extending or retracting this interior tube. A simple twist of the interior tube controls air direction. The locking cap, friction rings and coins, tolerance between the tubes, and the O-ring seal work together to provide quiet and controlled air flow. 

Reliable Air Flow Control 
Ventube™ works simply and reliably to control air direction and flow. It is designed to replace your Cessna's original pull-out vent tube.

Comfort is Key
The Ventube™ will give you and your passengers greater comfort by controlling the air flow and reducing the vent noise in your Cessna cabin.

Part #: SI 1-2
Price: $92.38 per set


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